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Good Thanksgiving Foods for Your Dental Health


A time to be thankful, celebrate, and reflect. This is also a special holiday for friends and families to come together and indulge on delicious Thanksgiving foods. However, most of the foods served on this special holiday are acidic, starchy, and has a high concentration of sugar, which is bad for our dental health. And if you are in Kirkwood, scheduling an appointment with a dentist in Kirkwood, MO - even during the busy holiday season - is an important reminder. Although passing up on Grandma’s pumpkin pie is not an option, it is important to keep our oral hygiene in check during Thanksgiving. Thankfully (no pun intended), dishes commonly served on Thanksgiving are actually good for our teeth.

Here are healthy Thanksgiving foods that are good for our dental health.


Aside from high protein content, Turkey is rich in phosphorus, which combined with vitamin D and calcium, helps keep our teeth and bones strong.

Pumpkin, Carrots, and Other Orange Vegetables

Orange veggies are chock full of vitamin A, which is what our bodies use to form tooth enamel. Carrots are full of fiber and vitamin B, which helps in promoting a healthy salivary flow; this contributes to washing away harmful acids that can erode enamel.


Milk and yogurt are high in calcium, which our bodies require for healthy teeth. Dairy products are also low in acidity and sugar. So don't skip on a good helping of dairy in your mashed potatoes.


Vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, manganese - these are just few of the nutrients that cranberries are rich in. Aside from being classified as a superfood, cranberries help prevent tooth decay through the formation of plaque.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins and mineral that promote good dental health: vitamin D, which helps decrease bone and tooth loss; vitamin C, which helps prevent gingivitis; vitamin B, which promotes good saliva production.

You can eat all of the delicious Thanksgiving foods, but don’t let the busy holiday season sidetrack you from taking care of your dental health. If you’re a Missourian, call the trusted dentist in Kirkwood, MO: Taylor Dental, at (314) 965-4064 to schedule your next dental appointment.

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